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TESTER - Hyaluronic Force Serum 30ml


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Our #1 selling product. Contains three different weights of pure hylauronic acid to work every layer of the skin, saturating it with moisture from top to bottom. The results are younger-looking skin with greater hydration, less redness, and breakouts. Ideal for all skin types.

Hyaluronic Force Serum can help fix these 19 skin problems
1. Reduces blackheads
2. Plumps wrinkles so they look less visible
3. Increases skin radiance
4. Reduces redness and sensitivity
5. Reduces breakouts from forming
6. Reduces open pores (because thirsty skin ‘searches’ for water)
7. Helps with pigmentation by reducing the inflammation in the skin
8. Reduces rosacea
9. Increases good microflora (to fight breakouts and reduce aging)
10. Increases the plumpness and dewiness of the skin
11. Reduces wrinkles and dehydration around the eyes (perfect under an eye cream)
12. Helps pimples to heal faster
13. Reduces redness around pimples so they don’t look inflamed and irritated
14. Reduces itchy skin
15. Reduces skin tightness
16. Helps makeup go on smoother (so it doesn’t stick to wrinkles and breakouts)
17. Helps with skin conditions like dermatitis
18. Increases the hyaluronic acid in the dermis to protect the skin’s structural fibres from
breaking (a main cause of wrinkles)
19. Increase the penetration of your treatment products for better results


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