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Synergyage Facial Booster Anti-Wrinkle – Collagen (Prof 12x3ml)


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Rich formula that is innovative and combines collagen with a series of ingredients that work on the skin’s collagen to ensure its purity, activity, structure, and functionality. It makes it possible to reorganise collagen fibres into a solid, homogeneous network for firmer, denser skin thanks to a triple complementary effect:

• It provides high-quality soluble native collagen.
• It activates the synthesis of collagen of high purity.
• It packs and assembles collagen fibres ensuring a uniform structure. It consists of the following ingredients: Lupeol, Yeast Extract and Tetrapeptide. After the application, the skin appears deeply regenerated, visibly smoother, firm, and flexible, soft, and luminous, uniform.

It is suitable for aged skin that is heavily affected by signs of ageing. It is compatible with any skin type.



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