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Pro 60+ The best anti ageing cream for over 40's


As skin therapists, we are constantly asked “What is the best anti-ageing cream?”

There are two ways of treating the skin when it comes to ageing. Firstly, you can use a protective cream that acts like a film over the skin. These are thicker and can feel heavy on the skin, but they are certainly much better for ageing than a light moisturiser.

The second way of treating ageing, which is my preferred way, is to use an active anti-ageing cream, packed full of anti-ageing ingredients, these will act like a fertiliser to the skin & they will make changes within the cells and skin structure.

There are several types of ingredients & also the percentages of the ingredients make a significant difference, so it can be exceedingly difficult to just say "find a cream that has x ingredient and that will be the best anti-ageing cream". My advice to my clients is to look for a skincare company that has a lot of history and has their own labs as these are the ones that are specialists in their field & this is where you find the best anti-ageing products!

Over the years we have worked with many clients who want to change their skin. Some feel they should have started much sooner than they did, while others have never had the opportunity to treat themselves or their skin until now. But we always say - it is never too late to start!

The best anti-ageing cream for experienced skin

The Timexpert SRNS range by Germaine de Capuccini has been specifically formulated for our clients 60 years and over - hence the name PRO60+ Cream. Having said that, due to the harsh Australian sun we tend to age up to ten years earlier than our European contemporaries, so we often recommend this cream for clients 50 years and over as a general rule. We have even worked with clients who have very dry skin in their late 30s who have experience amazing results with our PRO 60+ Cream!

We refer to this gorgeous, silky cream as the crème de la crème of anti-ageing creams. It really is a cream that turns back the clock with an amazing ability to treat all signs of ageing. That’s right, this one cream will reduce lines and wrinkles, increase firmness, increase hydration, correct discoloration, reduce redness and inflammation, and brighten the skin. How? Our PRO60+ Cream contains an ingredient exclusive to Germaine de Capuccini called ‘Epiginol’ which turns on a youthfulness generator within our cells that is otherwise non-existent. Years of research have proven that without the youthfulness protein, the process of aging escalates dramatically. By using the PRO60+ Cream we are tricking the skin into thinking that it’s younger. Once the youthfulness gene is switched back on, we can change the body’s communication to the skin from ‘ageing, full steam ahead!’ to ‘hang on, I think I’m only 35? Let’s correct all these signs of aging and go into massive repair mode’. The result? A dramatic change in the skin’s appearance in less than 30 days. That’s what makes our Timexpert SRNS PRO60+ Cream the best anti-ageing cream in Australia. The results continue to improve past 30 days and your skin will keep looking younger and younger!

How to use the best anti-ageing cream in Australia

We recommend using our PRO60+ Cream both morning and night. A pea size is all that is required and should be applied directly to the skin (there is no need to warm it up in the hands). It is best to complement the PRO60+ Cream with our Timexpert SRNS Night Repair Progress Serum for optimal results.

We are currently offering complimentary virtual skin consultations if you require further assistance with your skin concerns. Please contact 1300 432 100 or email us at today to book your appointment.