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Do I need a moisturiser and Serum? - Germaine De Capuccini AU

Do I Need a Moisturiser and a Serum?

As a skin therapist with over three decades of experience, Tess Walls knows a thing or two about skincare. One question she gets asked quite often is, "Why do I need a moisturiser if I'm using a serum?" In this blog post, we'll delve into the answer to this question and why it's important to layer your skincare 
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What Is The Best Night Cream For Ageing Skin?

Picture your skin as a protective shield, preserving its safety and hydration. As we age, this shield requires additional assistance. A quality night cream enriched with nutrients and hyaluronic acid can notably fortify this shield.
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What Are Essential Fatty Acids?

Imagine oils that are like a secret active ingredient for your skin, helping it stay strong and protected. This is something that is available in a healthy diet from certain foods like avocados, olive oil, almonds, and salmon. These are like superheroes for skin because they contain EFA's. Eating these foods helps keep you healthy but they are also particularly beneficial for your skin.
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How To Reduce Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark circles can sneak up on us when we don't get enough sleep, neglect our diet, or forget to stay hydrated. Sometimes, it's simply our body's way – blame it on genetics! So, how can we tackle this common issue?
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Best Skincare For Over 50's

As we get older, our skin goes through changes, especially after we turn 40 or 50. One of the first things to know is that our skin's protective layer, the hydrolipidic film, starts to weaken. This layer is our skin's shield & is made up of water and oil.

Our main priority is to insure it stays strong and healthy.

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How to Brighten Dull Skin - Germaine De Capuccini AU

How to Brighten Dull Skin

You might wonder why your skin sometimes looks a bit dull or tired. Well, there are three main reasons for that. Dead skin, not enough moisture, low energy. Say goodbye to dull skin and welcome a fresh, vibrant look.
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Why Our Clients Say Timexpert Lift is a Facelift in a Bottle - Germaine De Capuccini AU

Why Our Clients Say Timexpert Lift is a Facelift in a Bottle

Our clients often say that this product range is like a magic trick for making your face look younger. Learn about the secret ingredients that assist in firming and lifting the skin and that help to fight the signs of ageing.
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The Benefits of Retinol for Your Skin: Insights from a Skin Therapist - Germaine De Capuccini AU

The Benefits of Retinol for Your Skin: Insights from a Skin Therapist

Retinol is like a little miracle worker for your skin. It's a type of vitamin A commonly found in serums. Its main job? To give your skin a serious wake-up call. When you put on retinol, it dives into the deeper layers of your skin and gets your new skin cells moving. 

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Practical Tips on Reducing Wrinkles

Discover why wrinkles appear and how to combat them. It's about keeping your skin happy, rebuilding its structure, and avoiding too many funny faces.
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What Causes Rosacea and How to Manage This Skin Condition? - Germaine De Capuccini AU

What Causes Rosacea and How to Manage This Skin Condition?

Discover what Rosacea is and how to deal with this skin concern. Learn about post-traumatic rosacea and how it can result from adverse experiences with particular skin treatments. Additionally, understand how hormonal shifts, common in ageing women, can lead to hot flushes and redness.
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What is The Best Facial Cleanser For my Skin Type

Which facial cleanser is right for your skin? Let's look at all the different facial cleansers and I'll explain which ones are the best for your skin type.
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What Causes Acne

Before we discuss combating acne, let's comprehend why it occurs. Acne isn't limited to teenagers; it can occur as we age as well. One significant reason is our hormones, which can induce changes in our skin. Another reason is the products we apply to our skin.
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