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What is The Best Facial Cleanser For my Skin Type

Do you wonder about which face wash is best for your skin? Let's look at all the different face wash options that you can choose from to help you determine what facial cleanser you should use.


Types of Facial Cleansers

So, there are three main types of facial cleansers: foamy ones, creamy ones (or milky ones), and exfoliating ones. Some facial cleansers can be too strong, especially if you're getting older. They can take away the protective layer on your skin, kind of like the plastic wrap you use for food. This protective stuff keeps your skin safe and not too dry. But some facial cleansers can mess with your natural protection.


The Importance of the Right Facial Cleanser

Here's the important part: even if you're using a really good lotion or serum, if your face wash is too strong, it's like taking two steps backward every time you cleanse your face. That's not what we want! We want a face wash that keeps that protective layer on your skin while providing it with the necessary elements, like water and nutrients. This way, your skin can absorb the good stuff from your lotions and creams, and your skin will be healthier.


Choosing the Right Facial Cleanser for Your Skin

Now, let's talk explore the right facial cleanser for you. If you have sensitive skin or you're aging, you should use a milky face wash. For older skin, I recommend Germaine De Capuccini's 02 Cleansing Milk. It works wonders for mature skin. But here's a tip: how you wash your face matters too. Don't just splash water on your face after using your face wash. Instead, gently rub the face wash in with your fingers in small circular motions for about a minute. Then, use a damp facecloth to wipe it away. That's how you achieve a really thorough cleanse.


Caution with Hot Showers

Try not to put your face right under a hot shower. The water pressure can bother your skin and make it dry. So, if your skin is dry, getting older, or sensitive, use a milky face wash.


Foamy Facial Cleansers for Oily Skin

Now, if you get pimples or have skin that's oily in some spots and dry in others, you should use a foamy facial cleanser. Germaine De Capuccini's Purexpert line has good options for normal and oily skin. These cleansers do a good job cleaning without taking away too much of your skin's natural oils.


Exfoliating Face Wash for a Gentle Scrub

Last thing, there's the exfoliating face wash. If you want something that gently scrubs your skin to get rid of dirt, this is for you, especially if your skin is a mix of oily and dry. Try the Germaine De Capuccini Excel 02 365 Soft Scrub. It's a foamy facial cleanser you can use every day. Just shake it, use a tiny bit, make lots of bubbles with water, and put it on your skin. It'll get rid of the light dirt on your skin.


Don't Forget the Popular Choice

But don't forget about the Germaine De Capuccini Cleansing Milk in the 02 range – lots of people really like it. I hope this makes it easier for you to pick the right facial cleanser for your skin. If you have any questions, you can ask our team, or check out our website for more information.