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How to Choose The Best Eye Cream for Your Routine

What’s the most important ingredient in an eye cream?

Concerned about premature ageing? You’re not alone there, and the best way to fight premature ageing is to take care of your skin, especially the one around your eyes. It’s the most delicate area of our skin so it comes as no surprise to see fine lines and wrinkles there before anywhere else. One of the best ways to fight signs of ageing is to protect your skin using the best eye cream. When you do, remember to look for the following ingredients:

  • Peptides. Peptides boost collagen production. And we all know collagen is a holy grail in any anti-ageing routine especially when you’re already worried about fine lines and thinning, sagging skin.
  • Retinoids. Would it be retinol or retinoids? Either way, retinoids are known in the beauty and skin industry to be wrinkle solutions for years. Therefore, this ingredient should also be on top of your list when looking for an eye cream that you can use in the evening.
  • SPF. Sun damage triggers premature ageing if you didn’t know this already. It’s always wise to incorporate SPF into your skincare routine and have extra UV protection whatever season, all year-round.
  • Hyaluronic Acid. This is a powerful hydrating compound since it attracts water. If you want a good eye cream, you better get the one that also moisturises your skin and increases its elasticity.
  • BTX Tripeptine. Nothing spells the best eye cream ingredient than an advanced skin technology that has a Botox-like effect. It reduces and eventually eliminates wrinkles and crow’s feet. Germaine De Capuccini’s eye contour duo is formulated with this ingredient along with Tissulage Tech, a set of peptides working to repair the skin faster than your regular eye cream.

What You Should Expect from The best Eye Cream

Whether you’re in your late 20s, early 30s, or 40s, an eye cream should be a staple in the skin products you invest in. It should also be part of your beauty and skin routine. But despite the fact that skincare products promise mostly the same results, few can actually deliver. And your choice of eye cream is one of them. The right eye cream should provide you with these:

1. Has Anti Ageing Power

Fine lines and wrinkles would always be at the top of our skin concerns. This is why you should also go for an eye cream formulated with retinoids and a collagen booster. Admit it or not, the first thing about eye creams is that they should help you step up your anti-ageing game.

2. Fights Against Dark Circles

If you’re mainly concerned about fighting dark circles, then you need an eye cream with a brightening effect. Look for something that would also rejuvenate your area as well as improve circulation. The latter will then lessen the appearance of dark circles. We suggest getting a product with a massage or similar applicator at the tip. One such eye product is our 15ml detox eye formula which is targeted at dark circles, bags and puffiness around the eyes.

3. Is Hydrating and Protective

Like most of us at this side of the globe, you’re more exposed to the outdoors and the sun more than you know. This also means that you’re exposed to all types of pollution. Fortunately for you, the Excel Therapy oxygenating eye cream not only fights against premature ageing but also has a blue light blocker and triple anti-pollution shielding power. Now you have a better idea about what ingredients to look for when you go searching for an eye cream. Just remember that you also need to apply it correctly for the best results. As a general rule, you should apply the lightest to the heaviest product in your routine. This way, it’s easier for the skin to absorb ingredients.