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How to Combat Dry Skin As We Get Older

As we get older, lots of things start to change in our body. Nothing seems to work the same in our thirties, forties and fifties as they did when we were 20.

One of the places we notice it most is when we look in the mirror. Skin that was once soft and smooth is starting to look dry and uneven in texture

What causes ageing?

Collagen and elastin are produced in the lower levels of our skin to increase skin thickness, help the skin to bounce back into place and absorb the impact on our structural skin fibers during the 15,000 movements our face makes daily.

As the production of collagen and elastin slows down, our skin will start to become thinner. Think of the skin like a pikelet when we are younger and more like a crepe as we age!

How do we keep it looking younger for longer?

To keep the skin plump and full (like a pikelet) for longer, we need to be constantly ensuring the products we are using are suitable for what the skin needs now. It may be time to rethink the products you’re using to make sure you are being kind to your skin. To prevent or reduce the side effects (aka the crepe effect) of ageing we need to introduce new things into our skin care routine to

  • Add more oils to the skin (both internal and external) – because natural oil production decreases as we age and a lack of oils accelerates ageing. Yes, that’s right, the oil we loathed as teenagers is now needed to fight ageing!!

  • Add more vitamins – (both internal and external) – as vitamins like A, B and C help to keep our cell turnover healthy, fight the damaging effects of sun and reduce pigmentation and uneven dark patches on the skin

  • Add Hyaluronic Acid - as this will help create an epidermal protective barrier (like an invisible film on the skin surface - I call it the layer of breathable cling film!). And if you choose one with different molecular sizes it will also infuse into the deeper skin layers and produce a plumping or ‘push up’ effect that fills wrinkles

  • Add pre and pro biotics (both internal and external) as this reduces inflammation and inflammation is the pre-curser to pigment production, so if you want less dark spots boost the skin’s immune system with an external probiotic, such as our B Calm SOS Intensive Care Balm.

Best products that deliver results

Toner (also known as hydration prep!)

Remember those old toners that you put on a cotton ball and would sting your skin? Their purpose was to remove the last bits of dirt and makeup from your skin, but what they also did was strip away the natural oils (that your soap cleanser hadn’t already done). It left your skin clean, but also tight and dried out.

Firstly, make sure you have a gentle cleanser that removes all impurities the first time around AND that doesn’t dry your skin.

Then make sure you invest in a toning lotion that adds moisture into your skin after cleansing. We recommend the 02 Excel Comfort and Youthfulness Toning Lotion, to saturate the skin and restore hydration levels.


Serums are a concentrated, super-efficient way to target specific skin concerns, such as fine lines or dryness. Serums are intended to restore the skin from the inside out, having a dramatic effect on the skin’s surface. They are applied to the skin after cleansing and toning, and before your moisturiser.

Our favourite – and best-selling serum for dry skin (actually - all skin types) is our Hydracure Hyaluronic Force serum. This ultra-hydrating serum delivers a hit of moisture to all layers of the skin, making it ideal for those with dry and dehydrated skin to restore hydration levels, making it appear fresh and dewy. Apply under other serums and elixirs to improve absorption.

Elixirs or Face Oils

Elixirs are similar but different to serums. Elixirs are a combination of oils that also generally include plant extracts, peptides and other ingredients that nourish the skin. They are made up of smaller molecules which makes them extremely effective as it allows them to penetrate further into the skin (so they don’t leave an oily film on the skin surface). This makes them perfect for providing dry skin with a hit of essential nourishment deep in the skin. These hard working products have a high concentration of active ingredients, which means a little goes a long way.

The T Rides Absolute Nourishment Elixir is a dry skin must-have, containing seven plant oils with exceptional regenerating power to stimulate collagen and firm and rejuvenate cells. Packed with essential fatty acids, it has a light, non-greasy texture that is easily absorbed.

Then when you’re done, top it off with a moisturiser to seal in all that hydrating goodness, like SRNS Pro 60+ Treatment Cream, which contains ingredients not only to treat dryness but to also stimulate youth proteins for a more youthful complexion and even skin tone.