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Best Skincare For Over 50's

Hello there! I'm Tess Walls, and I've been helping people take care of their skin for more than 30 years. Today, I want to chat with you about something I'm often asked: "I'm over 50, what skincare should I use?" Let's break it down in simple terms.

Understanding Skin Changes

As we get older, our skin undergoes significant changes, particularly when we reach our 40s and 50s. One crucial change is the loss of our skin's natural protective layer, like a shield for our skin. In this guide, we will simplify the skincare process to address these changes.

Gentle Cleansing with Milk

A good starting point is changing your regular cleanser to a milk cleanser, which is kinder to your skin. Consider products like the Excel O2 Comfort and Youthfulness Cleansing Milk. Use a small amount, about the size of a 20c coin, and gently massage in circular motions. To remove it, use a face washer or washcloth for a deep cleanse without over-drying your skin.

Hydration with Lotion

To replenish moisture and natural oils, avoid old-fashioned toning lotions with high alcohol content. Instead, opt for products like the Excel O2 Toning Lotion. Pour a small amount, approximately the size of a 20c coin, and gently pat into your skin. This provides essential moisture to your skin.

Plumping with Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a fantastic ingredient that adds moisture and plumpness to your skin. Look for lightweight options like Germaine De Capuccini Hyaluronic Acid, which doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky. Think of it as a "pre-serum" that helps other beneficial ingredients penetrate your skin.

Dealing with Skin Buildup

For thicker or sun-damaged skin, consider addressing skin build up. Try the Glycocure mask once or twice a week. It acts like a mini peel for your skin. Apply a small amount, wait for 5-10 minutes, and gently roll it off with a towel for a fresh and radiant look.

Personalised Care for Specific Concerns

Assess your skin's specific needs. If you're troubled by wrinkles, explore the Timexpert Rides range by Germaine De Capuccini. It's like a special cream to help reduce wrinkles.

Maybe you're more concerned about your skin losing its firmness, especially around the neck and eyebrows. Look into the Timexpert Lift range, marked with a red label.

For a comprehensive solution, the Timexpert SRNS range is a versatile choice for women over 40 and 50.

The Golden Rule: Sunscreen

Don't forget the importance of sunscreen. It's a powerful anti-aging tool. By maintaining healthy and well-hydrated skin, you can enjoy a more youthful and vibrant appearance as you gracefully age.

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to reach out to our team or visit our website. Take care, and we'll be in touch soon. Goodbye!