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Our over 40's Anti-Ageing Skin Care Routines

What do the experts use?

We are a team of over 40's Skin Experts, each with over 25 years of experience in Skin. Combined our team has over one hundred years of treating skin. So what do those in the know use?

We'll give you a peek into our bathroom cupboards and our daily routines.

Where do we begin?

You know when you walk through the door and can't wait to take your mask and bra off? Well, that's how your skin feels.

Although we use amazing products - even our makeup has skin-protecting ingredients, a day in the elements requires a refresh. We choose a gentle eye cleanser with Camomile Extract to remove eye makeup and our go-to face cleanser is the O2 Excel Therapy Cleansing Milk.

We love a milk cleanser, it emulsifies any makeup and leaves the skin feeling fresh and silky, and is great for an over 40s skin which can suffer from dryness.

Do we use toner? Yes!!! After every cleanse - "Why should I include it in my routine?" I hear you ask. Our toners are a micro serum - they contain hydrating ingredients including hyaluronic serum which pre-hydrates the skin. What is the benefit? When you use a toner, your serums and moisturisers penetrate deeper, and you will find you need less when you use a lotion as a prep. The active ingredients now have easier access to where they are needed most, giving more immediate results. Seriously, if you are still asking if you need a toner, you haven't tried the O2 Excel toner. It doesn't add a whole lot of time and effort to your routine, just pat a 5-cent piece straight from your hands into your skin after cleansing. If other toners have left you feeling underwhelmed, I suggest you give this one a go, it really does refresh and soothe tired skin.

What serums do the team use?

Haha... all of them. Yes, really, but we are skin junkies. We all have our own personal wishes for our skin and rotate our serums depending on what it needs at the time, but we do have a few regular go-to's. Hyaluronic Force Hyaluronic acid is recognised by skin professionals as an ingredient that has multiple benefits on the skin. However, not all hyaluronic serums are alike and all you must do is get one of us on the phone to hear the excitement in our voices when we chat about this one. It's the serum we 100% always use and recommend for every skin. Why this is no ordinary serum? For maximum benefits, all three weights of hyaluronic serum are in Hyaluronic Force and the formula is 100% hydration ingredients.

Hot tip - each weight of hyaluronic acid has its own benefits so if you are looking for a serum that helps plump for instance, you want to ensure it has the hyaluronic acid weight that does the plumping - right? Same as if you are prone to a few breakouts, you want to know your hyaluronic has the correct weight to treat and help heal those annoying (I thought I said goodbye to this in my teens) breakouts.

Timexpert SRNS Repair Night progress serum

This is our most Advanced Serum - I am the girl that wants it all, so a serum that gives me smoother, more radiant skin has me hooked. SRNS Repair Night Progress gives me a serum that's like a vitamin cocktail for my skin - with 22 active ingredients that each work to treat the signs of ageing add in the comments of "really, you are 45?" I am a happy girl. Bonus .... I love it when my clients call me the next week, telling me how much better their skin looks. I take the credit of course but it's the serum that does all the demanding work.

Fun fact - we won an award for Zinc Glycine complex - it works against a damaging enzyme in the skin to halt sun damage

Is this where it ends? No, we each use moisturisers, eye creams, and exfoliants, but we'll share those in a separate conversation. If you wish to have a chat about your skin or just want to know more, we'd love to hear from you. Book a chat or just pick up the phone 1300 432 100 and chat to us - it really makes our day