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Do I Need a Moisturiser and a Serum?

Hello! I'm Tess Walls, and I have been helping people care for their skin for many years. Today, we will delve into the rationale behind using a moisturiser with a serum.


The Tale of Serums and Moisturisers


Imagine serums as tiny superheroes for your skin. They're packed full of beneficial ingredients that penetrate deeply into your skin. They are highly concentrated, which is why they are so effective. However, your skin's outer layer also requires attention and this is where a moisturiser plays its role.

The Dynamic Duo: Serum and Moisturiser


The serum operates from beneath, much like a covert operative. Whereas the moisturiser? Is akin to the leader, nurturing the upper layer of your skin. Together, they ensure that your skin receives care from top to bottom.

Skincare Layering: Importance and Tips


Now, let's delve into the concept of layers. At Germaine de Capuccini, we believe that incorporating multiple skincare layers is beneficial for your skin. It helps maintain proper hydration. Also, when cleansing your face, it is essential to use suitable products. For individuals with more mature, dry, or sensitive skin, consider using a cleansing milk. Additionally, the method of cleansing matters—try using a damp cloth instead of merely splashing water.


Prepping Your Skin for Goodness: Toning Lotion and Serum


After cleansing, incorporate a good toning lotion. I particularly like the Excel O2 Toning Lotion. Apply a small amount to your hand and pat into your face. This primes your skin for the serum. Here is the trick: if you apply serum to dry skin, it tends to remain on the surface. However, if your skin is slightly damp, it assists the serum in penetrating deeper, much like a sponge absorbing water.


Conclusion: Collaborative Care for Healthy Skin

The key point to takeaway is to always pair your serum with a moisturiser for best results — they really are your skins best friend!

If you have more questions, please feel free to book a free skin consultation.

Take care and keep your skin glowing!