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Concentrated Serum - Expert Lab Glycocure Serum Concentrate 50ML


Skin Type: Normal, Oily

Concerns: Congested, pigmentation, Wrinkles

Best Used: After Toning


Concentrated Booster for Glowing Skin | Glycocure Hydro-Retexturing Boost

Why Our Customers Love It: "Transform dull skin into radiant beauty with our powerful concentrated booster."

Advanced Technology:

  • Papain & Castanea Sativa for anti-ageing and hydration.
  • Glycolic Acid encapsulated in cyclodextrins enhances cell renewal.
  • Soothe with Phragmites Kharka
  • NMF(Natural Moisturising Factor) ingredients for restored skin barrier.

See Results in a Month:

  • Radiant complexion
  • Reduced fine lines
  • Smoother texture

Experience the radiance with Glycocure Hydro-Retexturing Boost!


How to use

Apply every day, morning and evening
Apply sunscreen with SPF30 or higher every day when using this product