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Expert Lab AOX Ferulic Acid - 30ml (10 treatments)


This is the second step of a two-part clinical Anti-Ageing Peel that reduces wrinkles and pigmentation.

For best results we recommend the treatment in a course one per week for six weeks. Contains 10% ferulic acid, a new composition in the dermatological field with a powerful anti-oxidising and protective action on the cellular DNA.

- Powerful antioxidant that neutralises the action of free radicals and enhances the anti-oxidising benefits of vitamins such as C and E, preventing photo-ageing.
- Protects cellular DNA against solar damage and prevents the formation of solar lesions, also accelerating the recovery of the skin after the sun.
- Protects the dermal structure, where the collagen, elastin and capillaries are.
- Depigmenting action by controlling the action of the tyrosinase enzyme, preventing, and clarifying dark spots and pigmentation.


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