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Expert Lab - Balancing Complex 5x5ml - 10 Treatments (2 from each vial)


Skin Type: Dehydrated, Dry

Concerns: Dull, Acne, Uneven Tone

Best Used: After Exfoliating


Balancing Complex Ampoule, perfect for adding into a facial or using with needling or Mesoboost.

This ampoule is the replacement for Synergyage Balancing ampoules

Treatment with a comprehensive action and a powerful sebum-regulating, keratolytic and repairing effect.

Perfect for:

• Acne.
• Acne marks.
• Dilated pores.
• Uneven tone.


Main Ingredients:

• Patented HLG Nanopolymer*: Penetrates the deepest skin layers, thus increasing the effectiveness of the formula.

• Tripeptide-85: Blocks the MC5R receptor responsible for sebum production.

• Azelaic Acid Derivative: Accelerates skin repair and healing, stimulates the neo-formation of epidermal cells and reduces sebum production.

• Multi-functional protein: Protects against ageing processes caused by radiation-induced ROS, MMP-9 and TNF-α.

• Oleanolic Acid: Acts as a seboregulator by inhibiting 5-α reductase.

• Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid (NDGA): Acts as a cell growth regulator that inhibits hyperkeratosis.

• Liquorice Derivative: Acts by reducing the inflammatory process.


Patented HLG Nanopolymer
Azelaic Acid Derivative
Oleanolic Acid
Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid (NDGA)
Liquorice Derivative

How to use

Apply manually, massage until absorbed.
*For best results, apply the facial concentrates and solutions with the most suitable HI TECH DEVICE.