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Expert Lab - Collagen Complex 5x5ml - 10 Treatments (2 from each vial)


Skin Type: Normal, Dry

Concerns: Dull, Ageing, Elasticity

Best Used: After Exfoliating


Collagen Complex Ampoule, perfect for adding into a facial or using with needling or Mesoboost.

This ampoule is the replacement for Synergyage Collagen ampoules

Treatment with an instant tightening effect based on the liquid collagen thread technique. 

Perfect for:

• Lifting and Firming.
• Loss of firmness around the eyes.
• Loss of skin density and turgidity.
• Plumping effect in the eye contour area.


Main Ingredients:

• Patented HLG Nanopolymer*: Penetrates the deepest skin layers, thus increasing the effectiveness of the formula.

• New generation Peptide Complex: Increases collagen VI production in fibroblasts and acts on the formation of collagen I 7 III fibres. Improves collagen density, thickness and quantity by counteracting the degeneration of collagen fibres as the skin ages.

• Proteoglycans: Provide hydration, firmness and elasticity to the skin. They strengthen the connective tissue and ligaments that anchor and support the skin.


Patented HLG Nanopolymer
New generation Peptide Complex

How to use

Apply manually, massage until absorbed.
*For best results, apply the facial concentrates and solutions with the most suitable HI TECH DEVICE.