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Foam Cleanser - Purexpert Purifying Mattifying Foam for Oily Skin (Step 1)


Skin Type: Oily Skin

Concerns: Breakouts, Dehydrated, Balancing

Best Used: Before Toning


Foam Cleanser: Your Path to Radiant, Oil-Free Skin

Why our customers love it: "Gentle, yet powerful cleansing for a flawless, matte complexion."

Advanced Technology:

  • Manuka Concentrate: Skin protection & oil regulation.
  • Willow Extract: Reduces imperfections & provides matte comfort.

What you'll see in a month:

  • Clearer skin
  • Reduced oiliness
  • Smoother texture

How to use

Apply Purexpert Facial Purifying Mattifying Cleansing Foam onto moistened skin, massage in circular movements and remove with warm water.

This product works perfectly with the Purexpert Refiner Essence Oily Skin Exfoliating Fluid and Purexpert Hydro Mattifying Gel Cream Oil-Free

Tip: During the first days of applying the Purexpert 1-2-3 Programme, impurities and oil will come to the surface of the skin. This is the product drawing out impurities and after a few days this will disappear leaving the skin pure and healthy.