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PF Shine and Youthfulness Hair Oil


Hair Type: All Hair

Concerns: Dry Scalp & Hair

Best Used: Dry Hair


Revitalise Your Locks with Our Shine Youthfulness Hair Oil

Why our customers love it: "Transforms dull hair into lustrous beauty, boosting confidence and self-esteem."

Advanced Technology:

  • Baobab Seed Oil for deep hydration and hair repair.
  • Patawa Oil for hair growth and increased thickness.
  • Birch Oil for scalp health and dandruff control.
  • Soya Oil for strengthening and preventing breakage.
  • Sesame Oil for a natural, healthy shine.

What you'll see in a month:

  • Silky Smoothness
  • Vibrant Shine
  • Stronger, Healthier Hair

How to use