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Makeup Remover Lotion - Bi-Phase Make-up Removal Solution 125 ML


Skin Type: All Skin Types

Concerns: Dehydrated, Ageing, Breakouts

Best Used: To Remove Heavy Makeup

Makeup Remover Lotion - Gentle Elegance in Every Drop

Why our customers love it: "Our makeup remover lotion is a gentle yet effective beauty secret."

Advanced Technology:
  • Dual-phase formulation for quick, gentle makeup removal.
  • Top oil phase removes waterproof makeup and nourishes lashes & lips.
  • Bottom water phase hydrates, softens, and leaves a refreshing sensation.

What you'll see in a month:
  • Radiant, makeup-free complexion
  • Soft, nourished skin
  • Reduced skin irritation

How to use

Shake the bottle, dampen a cotton wool pad and apply to your lids, lashes and lips.