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PF Oil Phytocare Firm and Tonic Oil


Skin Type: Dry, Normal

Concerns: Lack of Firmness, Dull

Best Used: After Shower


What it is:

A delicious-smelling, luxurious, anti-ageing dry body oil

What it does:

This oil is extra-nourishing and deeply hydrating, and immediately tones skin leaving it smooth and soft. Formulated with 100% plant extracts it contains Birch Oil (for firming), Apricot Oil (smoothing and soothing), Carrot Oil (anti-ageing) and Lupinus Albus Seed Oil, (to increases collagen synthesis which provides the skin with tone and firmness).

Also contains Baobab oil, derived from the tree's seeds, which has been part of skin care in Africa for centuries. The Baobab oil used in this product come from trees cultivated under strict organic cultivation criteria by local communities in the area of Tambacounda of Senegal, with the support of USAID (an organisation which provides economic development and humanitarian assistance to people around the world).


How to use