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Expert Lab Rejuvenating Peel Anti-Ageing P-40 Chemical Peel 50 ML


P-40 Chemical Peel penetrates deeply, promoting collagen production, softening the skin’s texture, fine lines, and wrinkles, leaving the skin visibly smoothed and rejuvenated.

• Moderate-advanced ageing
• Wrinkles
• lack of firmness
•uneven skin tone

40% PYRUVIC ACID: alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) with hydrating effect and of great capacity to stimulate the formation of new collagen fibres, supple, and glycoproteins.

Its anti-ageing effect is ideal for treating medium and deep wrinkles.

5% LACTIC ACID: alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) with a powerful hydrating, antiageing, depigmenting, and keratolytic action. Improves hydration from
within, making the skin not lose water, as well as the texture and its luminosity


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