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T Radiance C+ Illuminating Anti-Fatigue Mask


TIMEXPERT RADIANCE C+ Illuminating Anti-Fatigue Mask – Glow effect with Vitamin C – Face & Neck

6 treatment masks per box

The Combination of pure vitamin C (VC-IP), HLG Nanopolymer, Vitamin E gives the skin an extraordinary glow effect and luminosity – all in just 20mins.

To Use, place damp cotton pads over the eyes, remove the mask & place over the face. Set aside the remaining concentrate from the sachet as it will be used to complete the treatment. Leave the mask on the skin for 20 minutes. Remove the mask and massage the remaining concentrate into the skin for the perfect glowing effect.

TIMEXPERT RADIANCE C+ Professional Treatment

visible results in just 1 session

deep results in 3 sessions

  • 98% more radiant skin
  • 95 % stress-free skin
  • 87% less visible dark spots
  • 86% more uniform skin tone


**self-evaluation tests under medical supervision


How to use