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T Radiance C+ Vitamin C Concentrate


Pure Vitamin C - 10% Vitamin C Antioxidant

6 x 3ml (6 treatments) for use in the Double Booster Vitamin C+Ferulic Treatment

The Timexpert Radiance C+ Vitamin C Concentrate is a pure 10% Vitamin C ampoule that is used in the Radiance C Professional Treatment to effectively boost antioxidant protection to the skin cells resulting in skin radiance, more even complexion, and an instant glow effect.

To use, press down on the top of the ampoule to release the powder Vitamin C and shake to blend the concentrate. Apply before your facial massage for an instant glow effect.

Tip: before using AOX SYSTEM FERULIC, make the mixture of PURE VITAMIN C. Shake again when ready to apply


How to use