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Best facial exfoliating scrub for glowing skin

Facial exfoliating scrubs are like bras - most of us are using the wrong one.

Using a facial or exfoliating scrub as part of a regular skin care routine is vital to keep you looking your beautiful best.

But did you know all scrubs are exfoliants, but not all exfoliants are scrubs?

You’re familiar with gritty pastes or powders that you add water to as the most common exfoliators. But there are also other products which achieve the same results without the abrasive action. Some are masks that contain mild acids that gently dissolve the outermost layer of skin, having the same effect.

Whatever kind you use (and see recommendations below) regular exfoliation has a number of benefits:

Brighter skin

When you are regularly removing the build-up of dead skin oil and other debris, there’s no doubt that your skin is going to look fresher and brighter. A superior quality exfoliant can even help with evening out skin tone and treating pigmentation.

Helps minimise signs of ageing

Old skin cells can cause the appearance of lines and wrinkle. With regular exfoliation, these cells are removed which helps in the skin rejuvenation process. When the skin renews itself, it reduces the signs of wrinkles, and is firmer and plumper.

Reduces breakouts, pimples, and acne

It makes sense that if you are regularly clearing away the oil and dead cells from your skin that contribute to clogged pores, black heads, and pimples, that you won’t suffer from these problems.

But a word of warning: the right product for your skin type is critical, or you could make things words.

Help with absorption and effectiveness of other products

When you remove the dead cells and oil from the surface of your skin by exfoliation, your serums and moisturisers are able to be more easily absorbed by your skin. There has actually been a study conducted on absorption and the results were as follows:

Clients who exfoliated every 7 days experienced product penetration of approx. 80%

Clients who did not exfoliate for 10 days or more experienced product penetration of approx. 20%

So, it's well worth investing in a great Facial Exfoliating Scrub!

But which exfoliator is the best for me?

Finding the right exfoliants (and not overusing them!) can also help treat a range of other skin problems, as well as giving you fresh, glowing skin.

Best exfoliators for oily skin or sun damage – Glycocure Exfoliating Mask is a powerful three-in-one renewing mask to resurface the skin. It also reduces wrinkles & blackheads.

Best exfoliators for dry skin – 02 Excel Therapy Silky Scrub Enzyme Exfoliant, is a water-activated power that gently dissolves dead skin cells without the harsh granules. It also reduces sensitivity as it contains a calming rice extract

Best exfoliators for daily use – 02 Excel Therapy 365 Soft Scrub is a daily cleansing foam containing lactic acid to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin. It has encapsulated oxygen to fight free radical damage, reducing signs of premature ageing. Perfect for those – can we change this to The Glycocure Serum as it’s a “Liquid Daily Exfoliator” as 365 is really a cleanser (the silly name is just a Spanish thing!!)

Best body exfoliator – Perfect Forms Oil Tonic Scrub is an exfoliating body scrub for normal to dry or very dry skin which gently eliminates dead skin cells while maintaining hydration. Formulated with boabab seed oil, it provides the skin with nourishment, and soothes and protects.

Best exfoliators for guys – For Men Cool Scrub is a purifying exfoliator that illuminates imperfections and gives an immediate sensation of freshness.

And remember, if you are unsure which products are best for your skin, book a free skin analysis with one of our experts via video consultation today.

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