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How to choose the right eye make up remover

Your choice of eye make-up remover can get a bit overlooked in the scheme of skin care priorities. But I’m here to tell you that it is every bit as important – if not more. Using the wrong eye makeup remover can do more harm than good.

Why do eyes need exceptional care?

Your eyes are very delicate little organs. If you get some cleanser or toner in your mouth, it’s a bit yuck. Get the wrong product in your eyes and you can have big problems, ranging from a simple irritation to inflammation or even infection.

Also, your eyelids and the skin around your eyes is much thinner and don’t produce any oil. This is why this area tends to age faster than the rest of your face, so treat it gently.

What things should I look for in an eye make-up remover?

Because eye make-up, like mascara and eye liner tend to be harder to remover, you need something that’s effective yet gentle.

  • Effective formula– First and foremost you want a product that act quickly to dissolve mascara and eyelines. The more you rub at your eyes, the more likely you are to make them irritated. So an efficient solvent should be your number one priority. You also want it to have a good texture that ensures you don’t have to rub too hard to remove your eye make-up.

  • Fragrance-free– As I said, your eye area is so delicate. The chemicals used in fragrances can affect your skin in negative ways. This can cause rashes and other unwanted irritations, even if you don’t have sensitive skin.

  • Non-oily- Because the skin around your is so much thinner than in other places and also more sensitive, you don’t want an excess of oil. This can lead to bags under the eyes as the skin is so thin that the oil transfers through the skin and creates bags under the eyes. This is especially risky when using baby oil or other cleansers with a similar texture.

  • One that contains Hyaluronic Acid- This is one of the best ingredients to hydrate the eye area and will act as a treatment to increase the benefits of your eye cream.

Can you recommend an eye make up remover that meets these criteria?

Our Germaine de Capuccini Eye makeup remover provides quick and thorough removal of eye makeup, while also giving an instant luminosity around the eyes. Non-oily and fragrance-free. It contains:

Hyaluronic Acid – provides the skin with moisture to improve texture and appearance, as well as increase radiance and reduce any redness and sensitivity.

Lactic Acid – an effective cleanser even for those with sensitive skin, and which also helps to stimulate cellular activity and strengthen the dermis.

Chamomile Extract - a great all-rounder that reduces redness and irritation, soothes irritated skin, and helps reduced fine lines.

If you’d like to read more about how to keep your eyes looking good, check out our blog on Eye Creams and which is the right one for you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly Australian staff on 1300 432 100.

Or if you are not sure which Germaine de Capuccini product is right for you? Book a no obligation chat with one of our skin therapists today.