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Soft smooth skin with Essential Fatty Acids

Want soft, smooth glowing skin? Add some Essential Fatty Acids to your skin diet

Just like their name says, Essential Fatty Acids really are an essential part of overall health and well-being, and vital for glowing skin.

What are they, what do they do, and how can they make my skin look better?

So, what are Essential Fatty acids?

Simply put, EFAs are fatty acids that the body can’t produce on its own.

They can only come from the foods we eat. Which makes things interesting because they are such a vital part of ensuring our bodies function normally – from our brain and nervous system, hormone production and our skin health.

What do they do for my skin?

EFAs are critical for healthy skin. They help our cells function properly, and create a healthy skin barrier, which helps lock in moisture and creates a plump dewy look with less wrinkles - something we all want!!

When we are EFA deficient, we start to see a range of skin-related problems. Skin can become red, irritated, flaky and dull.

This can lead to things like wrinkles acne, skin redness and UV related skin damage which creates dark spots on the skin.

How do I get more EFAs into my life?

You’ve probably heard of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These are the two main fatty acids that are critical for maintaining overall good health and come from foods such as salmon, avocado, seeds, oils and nuts. Without enough of these, your body and your skin can’t function normally.

If you’re already eating these, that’s great. If you’re not, and your skin is suffering, consider a high-quality supplement.

What are the benefits of adding EFAs into my skincare routine?

Using EFAs on your skin has a host of benefits as the EFAs we eat can sometimes be taken by all of the other organs before they reach the skin, so the skin is left ‘starving’ for EFAs.

Applying them topically ensures that the skin gets ‘fed’ from the outside and this will start having an immediate impact on the health of the skin.

  • Reduces wrinkles

  • Improves skin texture to give you soft smooth skin

  • Gives your skin a healthy, glowing look

  • Locks in hydration

  • Reduces skin redness

  • Helps combat the effects of environmental damage to reduce dark spots

Our recommendation?

TRides Absolute Nourishment Elixir is packed full of EFAs. With a light, non greasy texture, it is the best serum for dry skin, and a great addition to a daily skincare routine for those over 30 whose skin is starting to show fine lines and wrinkles. It is perfect to use under your current anti wrinkle cream.

This Elixir contains our exclusive Pro-Collagestine Fill technology to boost collagen production, to firm and reduce wrinkles while providing the skin with intense rejuvenation and nourishment.

If you are looking for simple skin care solutions, start incorporating Rides Elixir into your skin diet today.