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Choose the best Vitamin C Serum for you

We have all heard the benefits of Vitamin C for a healthy body and skin, but with so many C’s on the market how do you choose the best Vitamin C serum for you.

Who should be thinking about using a topical Vitamin C?

Remember when you were little and feeling a little flat, Mum would tell you to have an orange and give you a vitamin C tablet? Do you still reach for that juice when you want a little Boost, and the coffee is not giving you the lift you’re looking for?

We have long known Vitamin C is essential in the repair of tissue and the prevention once common diseases.

Look in the mirror – or your “Zoom Face”, does your skin look radiant and hydrated or dull and stressed? Is it suffering from too much sun and fun?

Think about your lifestyle are you feeling a bit flat, is your skin exposed to stress, lack of sleep and is your skin showing signs of your love for other guilty pleasures?

If this sounds like you, using a Vitamin C will be like a finding a Superpower in your skincare, applying Vitamin C directly on the skin is 8-10 more potent than when taken orally.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and improves the luminosity texture and prevents skin ageing as it plays a significant role in collagen formation.

Which is the Best Vitamin C Serum for you?

Vitamin C comes in many forms, I like using a serum. Remember when I mentioned Vitamin C is the Superpower in your skincare? A Pure C Serum is the Big Bang. I recommend T Vit C+ (AGE) Pure C Essence Serum , I notice instant radiance and glow and it gives me the dramatic result I crave from my skincare. I am not going to get too technical with you, but it includes 2 forms of Vitamin C one from Ume extract a high protein Japanese plum and the other a pure Vitamin C (VC-IP) Derivative.

Fresh is Best. When we pick oranges from the fruit market, we want the best, high colour fresh fruit, it has the highest vitamin content and hasn’t oxidised. This goes double for ensuring you have the best Vitamin C serum. To ensure we deliver a potent fresh Vitamin C the serum comes in a pack of 4 vials. Each Vial contains a separate powder and emulsion which gives you the power to mix your serum when you want. Each vial delivers optimal fresh radiance for 10 days.

Check out the reviews and testimonials which tell a story of the results and benefits which Germaine De Capuccini delivers, we love hearing our customers tell us about their results and how they believe it is the best Vitamin C serum they have used.

Still not sure what the Best Vitamin C serum is for you? Book a chat with a Germaine De Capuccini Skin Therapist and we can help you find skincare to meet your skin care goals.