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At home peeling skincare, should I use a AHA?

I spent over half my life in the Beauty Industry. Like many Beauty Therapists, I see a lot of skin. When I meet new people, and they find out about my Career, the first questions are "What are the best skincare products" and "What's the best moisturiser?"
I am a real solutions girl. I want instant gratification as well as long-term solutions. I see my job as helping people love the skin, they are in.

I look at the positives which is why I love a product that rejuvenates the skin, giving it Wow.

Why is skin rejuvenation my first go-to recommendation?
The skin is exposed to constant aggression forcing it to protect and renew constantly. As we age the renewal process is not as efficient and the old cells hang around longer leaving dull and uneven skin. Skin rejuvenation will bring skin back to life, the gentle removal of those skin cells reveals radiant, plump, and clear skin which has increased health and hydration.

What are the best skincare ingredients for effective results?

My essential recommendation for rejuvenated skin is Glycolic. Since chemical peeling entered the market AHA's & BHA's have caused great interest. Glycolics produce results for a wide range of skin concerns – and changed the way we look at exfoliants.
So, here is where I get a little technical for a moment…Skip this if you just want to know the results… AHAs and BHAs are known for their ability to make the skin appear brighter, but there's so much more.

For the explanation, I'll refer to our Glycocure Range which includes Glycocure Hydro-Retexturing Booster Concentrate and Glycocure Intense Renewal Exfoliating Mask. The formulas are based on Glycolic's which are highly appreciated by dermatologists along with two other alpha hydroxy acids (citric acid and tartaric acid), and one beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid), in addition to wax microspheres as a physical exfoliant, that ensure a delicate exfoliation of the skin.
Glycocure has been formulated as an anti-ageing peeling system that has two main functions: renewal and restoration.
These products working in synergy are a shock treatment that produces a deep change to noticeably alter the skin, having an awakening effect while promoting an anti-aging ultra-hydrating restoring action to rebuild the skin barrier. This is a progressive, controlled exfoliation. Acids are complimented by Phragmites Kharka extract which has an anti-inflammatory effect on delicate skin.

What you’ll start to notice.
Your skin will feel deeply hydrated and supple.
Even the Best facial Serum will do its job better on a skin that has been prepped with a Mini Micro – who doesn't want more effective results from their serum and your best moisturiser just got better.
From the first use of this powerful duo your skin will feel instantly renewed and look brighter – say goodbye to dull skin.
The appearance of imperfections and the skin's brightness and purity improve notably, naturally revealing a radiant complexion and a more youthful appearance.
If you still have questions, you can Book a Chat with a Skin Therapist and you can view Video with great tips for best results.