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How do I choose the best eye cream for me?

Choosing an eye cream can be difficult. You invest time, money, and hopes on tiny jars and tubes. You look online, google the best eye cream, check out reviews and still, you’re not sure which is the best eye cream for you.

First things first. Ask yourself “what do I want from an eye cream?”.

You want Results.

I love reviews and personal testimonies. Reviews tell me other customers' experience with the product, they give me a different picture about the eye cream, what results they saw and how they enjoyed using it.

What do you like?

Think about creams you have enjoyed using or little things you didn’t like.

Do you like a gel, cream, tub, or tube? Did you get the best results from an eye cream that included caffeine or a fabulous cocktail of ingredients?

Take a look in the mirror

You have heard this advice before I am sure, but mine is a little different. I don’t want you to be critical of yourself. I don’t want you to pick out your wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, or anything else you don’t like. I want you to be kind to yourself. Smile, appreciate what your skin does for you, and know this is a step to taking care of a part of the body which works hard for you.

Once you have stopped being critical, think about aspirations for your skin.

Do you want your eyes to look less tired, rejuvenated, illuminated, smoother, lifted?

Now you can focus on which eye cream is going to help you achieve your goals.

Looking at your concerns in a kinder light empowers you to find the solution.

There is always room to talk about skin concerns, but where the eyes are involved, I think most of us are just too critical, so I take this approach.

Let's wave that magic wand and match the best eye cream to your wishes.

Best Eye Cream for wrinkles and crows feet - our #1 seller

Timexpert Rides Duo Contour Treatment Creams the value of these little angels is in the effectiveness of the formulas which combines bioengineering to eliminate wrinkles in a super hydrating formula which also reduces puffiness and dark circles. BTX-Tripeptine, an exclusive Germaine de Capuccini ingredient is a combination of three peptides that neutralise the effects of constant movements throughout the day giving an efficient botox-like effect. Tissulage Tech regenerates the skin with new skin which reduces the volume and depth of wrinkles. Blefaroplex provides a lifting action.

Do yourself a favour, read the reviews this is the one our clients say is better than botox.

Best Eye Cream for Young skin - blue light protection

If you look in the mirror and you think, “I am happy with my eyes” that’s awesome!

Your goal will be protection, O2 Excel Therapy Oxygenating Eye Cream is an advanced defense system that fights the harmful effects of pollution.

This little gem also includes optical pigments to illuminate the skin and tetrapeptides to protect collagen and elastin.


Best Eye Cream for Firming - great for hooded eye lids

Award-winning Timexpert Lift (IN) Eye Contour is for those of us who wish for a more open eye area. I was born with hooded eyes and while I like my eye shape, they do need a little more support.

Blefaroplex works like a non-surgical eye lift, our clinical trials show a 77% improvement in hooded eyelids in just 30 days.

Chromo Correcting Pigments provide immediate illumination and Alpha Gel Technology provides a protective film against environmental pollution.

Best Eye Cream dark circles - hello bright eyes!

Timexpert SRNS Illuminating eye contour with a little hit of caffeine reduces fatigue, with a cooling applicator you’ll see where it gets its name.


Best eye treatment for tired skin - vitamin hit for the eyes

Timexpert SRNS Repair Night Progress Eye an anti-ageing cocktail with 60% actives, increases skin hydration, and reduces stress.

Vitamin A,B,C, and E reinforce anti-ageing properties, hyaluronic acid increases moisture levels while Zinc Glycine Complex an award-winning ingredient that neutralises cell damage.

Check out the 5-star reviews on this one, if you are feeling a little stressed, run-down, or have been unwell, this little baby is for you.

Still need a little help? Book an online consultation with a GDC Skin therapist. It's complimentary and no obligation.