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What are the best treatments for sagging skin?

Slowing the effects of ageing is the Holy Grail for many people. Staying youthful never goes out of fashion. We want to be fabulous at every age. For those with sagging skin - this is all about how to stop the sag and get lifted. 

Current aesthetical interventions involve injecting fillers and remodeling the skin and face, and the list goes on.

But....What about those of us who don't want to follow that path, or have dabbled in it, and found it's just not for us? Many turn to invasive procedures out of frustration as they haven't had success from skincare. What if you just weren't using the correct anti-ageing skincare to get the results you want?

What is the best anti-ageing treatment for me?

We all age differently. Some of us are more prevalent to lines while others will be more prone to sagging. To treat the skin and get results we first need to know what we are treating. For instance, you wouldn't treat dry skin with an acne range, would you? Many of us don't know how to identify which age category our concerns fall into. To help us, let's look at the following not-so-technical terms.

Melters and Crinklers - paints a clear picture, doesn't it? We'll chat about crinklers another time - let's just stick to melters for today. As a melter, you get comments about your lack of wrinkles which is nice.

Although you have fewer lines to show around your eyes, you may have a droopy hooded eye, your jawline may not be as sculptured as it used to be, the fullness in your cheeks is not as pronounced and your smile lines (that's what I call them) are more pronounced.

Melter test -

  1. ponytail test - do you love the look when you hold your hairline back and you get an instant facelift?
  2. Eyebrow test - are your eyebrows and lashes getting closer? Or do you pop your finger under your lid and think it didn't do that before? Hooded eyes lookout!
  3. No smile test - do you pull back the skin from jawline/ear and love the definition you see on your jaw and notice your smile lines disappear?

If you answered yes to these - you, my friend, are a melter like me. melters sag, crinklers have lines, and we each have vastly different skincare needs, therefore your regular "anti-ageing cream" will not deliver the results you wish for. Anti-ageing is not, one size fits all.

What's the Solution? This is the technical stuff and where the magic happens

Exclusive formulas are aimed at “rebuilding” the support structure of the skin. Inspired by the most advanced facial lift surgery techniques to produce a deep action that produces a lifting effect on the surface of the skin. V-Matrix, a high-performance complex of programmed ingredients works on the root of the problem to restore skin's suppleness, and secondly, recreates a dense mesh of support, thickening the connective tissue and stimulating hyaluronic production, this increase of density creates a volume and filling action repositioning the facial contours.

Stop the sag and get lifted!

For best lifting results, you need the best lifting serum, anti-ageing serums are great, but we want to target the treatment with Vector Lift Serum, the master firmness serum. Our clients love its light and fresh formula, which utilises the best in biotechnology and nature for visible lifting, and for added bonus, it also minimises and improves the appearance of pores. Nice to know? Vector Lift Serum comes in a large 50ml bottle which is a great added value compared to the usual 30ml serum size. For supreme results follow with Supreme Definition Cream, which melts on the skin creating a second skin to protect against effects of environmental damage and instantly improve the skin's texture.


Targeting eye and neck sagging

The skin of the eye and neck is commonly known as being more fragile and vulnerable, the first signs of ageing are often shown in both these areas, and both eyes and neck require very specific care and ingredients that other treatments do not offer. Timexpert Lift Neck Cream harnesses the power of V-Matrix and Edelweiss Flower to tauten and rejuvenate the skin on the neck while protecting against further sun damage - it's a must-have for anyone over 35 who wants to stop the sag and get lifted around the jawline. 

Lastly, for an eye area that needs a little extra support, Supreme Definition Eye Cream will take exceptional care of hooded eyes. Blefaroplex strengthens the structure of the skin to lift, firm, and redefine, which also influences crow's feet and small wrinkles due to the skin's redensification. The massage tool for superior application works to create an open and refreshed eye immediately with movements that strengthen the creams lifting effect. If you are a Melter or a Crinkler and want to get the right advice on what's best for your skin, book in with a Skin Therapist for a bespoke skin consultation based on your needs.