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Easy Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated While Travelling

When we travel, we can experience changes within our skin, like dryness, sensitivity, or breakouts. All of these skin challenges can be prevented or minimised by keeping the skin hydrated and protected.


Protecting Your Skin's Water Level

Think of your skin as a bottle of water with the lid on. Using products like hyaluronic acid and essential fatty acids are like adding a lock to this lid. It helps to keep all the good moisture in your skin which in turn top's up water levels by adding hyaluronic acid you “fill the bottle,” and the EFA oils keep all the good moisture in your skin.


Choosing the Right Cleanser

Many people make the mistake of choosing the incorrect cleanser. The best rule to follow is to avoid anything that leaves your skin feeling tight; generally, this is anything that foams or exfoliates. Harsh CLEANSERS can make your skin feel irritated and dry. When washing your face, use a gentle cleanser. Harsh ones can make your skin feel dry and remove its natural protection, like taking off the lid of the bottle and letting the water inside evaporate.


Good Oils for Your Skin

Have you heard of essential fatty acids? They are the good oils that your skin loves! Using products with these oils, such as the Timexpert Rides Elixir Anti-Ageing Face Oil, helps your skin stay strong and keeps the moisture in.


Deep Hydration with Hyaluronic Acid

Underneath your skin there is a production of hyaluronic acid and fatty acids. The hyaluronic acid acts like a sponge, holding onto 1000 times its own weight. Think of it as filling the skin up like a glass of water while the EFA's seal and form a protective film that keeps the skin hydrated.


Easy Skincare Routine

Start by gently cleaning your face with a mild cleansing milk. Then, use a toning lotion and apply some hyaluronic acid serum while your skin is still damp. Seal everything in with an essential fatty acid oil, like the Timexpert Rides Elixir. Try using a gentle enzyme scrub every seven to ten days for an extra glow. Enzymes gently gobble away dead skin without scratching or irritating the skin like most scrubs.


Small Skincare Products for Travel

A good tip for travelling is to pick up smaller versions of your skincare products.  The 30ml Hyaluronic Acid and 20ml Oxygenating Moisturiser are easy to carry and perfect for your travels!


More Information on Dehydration

If you are curious about what dehydration does to your skin? Check out this video from our expert Theresa Walls. 


Conclusion: Care for Your Skin and Have Fun Travelling!

I hope these tips help you keep your skin feeling great while you're out and about. If you want to learn more about your skin, book a free skin consultation with us. Take care of your skin and have an amazing time on your adventures!