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What Are Essential Fatty Acids?

Imagine oils that are like a secret active ingredient for your skin, helping it stay strong and protected. This is something that is available in a healthy diet from certain foods like avocados, olive oil, almonds, and salmon. These are like superheroes for skin because they contain EFA's. Eating these foods helps keep you healthy but they are also particularly beneficial for your skin.



Why Do EFA's Matter for Your Skin?

Sometimes your skin needs a little extra love, and that's where skincare products come in. Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert Rides Elixir, contains these very special EFA's. It is absorbed beautifully without being heavy or sticky. As the name suggests it is like an elixir for your skin! It can be used before your regular cream or mixed together. Adding a drop before applying makeup can make your skin look amazing—and give it a gorgeous glow!

As we mature, our bodies and skin change due to the reduction of oestrogen, this in turn affects the EFA's in our body. So, for people over 30, EFA's can be like a best friend in your skin routine.

The Perks of EFA's for Your Skin

So, what's the big deal about EFAs? Well, they're fantastic at making sure your skin doesn't get too dry and stop it from making too much oil. It's like a balancing act for your skin—keeping it just right and feeling good.

To sum it up, EFA's are like special helpers for your skin. They make sure it's healthy, strong, and always looking its best!

Take Care of Your Skin, the Easy Way

Remember, taking care of your skin shouldn't be hard! If you're curious about EFA's and want to try them out, it's all about finding ways to include them in your skincare routine.

Got any more questions or need some advice on EFA's and skincare? Feel free to book a free skin consultation. Let's make sure your skin gets all the love it deserves!