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How To Find the Best Products for Your Skin

Hello, I'm Tess Walls, and I've been delving into skincare for many years. Today, let's discuss something crucial: "What are the best products for my skin?" It's understandable that this can feel perplexing — so I'm here to simplify it for you.

Getting Acquainted with Your Skin

While selecting products for your skin, put the price aside for now. Instead, focus on understanding what your skin genuinely requires. A helpful tip is to take a moment to look in the mirror and concentrate on the two aspects that trouble you the most about your skin. I understand it's challenging to pick just two, but this will assist us in determining where to start.

The Power of Hydration and Beneficial Ingredients for Your Skin

Let's address the importance of maintaining your skin's hydration. Picture quenching your skin's thirst with a substantial dose of water. For instance, if you experience redness on your skin, there are specific solutions like hyaluronic acid and natural oils that can help balance it. Fancy products aren't always necessary especially for a sensitive skin—sometimes, a basic hydrating cleanser and lotion can produce remarkable results. Personally, I favour the essential cleansing milk and toning lotion from Germaine de Capuccini. 

Hyaluronic Acid: Superhero for Your Skin

Let's delve into something called hyaluronic acid. It's akin to a superhero for your skin! My top recommendation is the Germaine de Capuccini Hyaluronic Force Serum. If you can only choose one thing, opt for this. Hyaluronic acid aids in keeping your skin hydrated across various layers. I've elaborated more on why this is remarkable in a previous video.

Selecting the Appropriate Moisturiser

For a slightly more mature skin, a thicker product could be more beneficial. Germaine de Capuccini's  offerings are remarkable because they don't feel heavy on your skin and yet they provide it with the necessary nourishment. They cater well to all skin types, even a sensitive skin or skin tha is displaying the initial signs of ageing.

Supermarket vs. High-end Skincare Products

Have you ever wondered about the difference between chemist or supermarket products compared to professional skincare items? Well, professional products contain significantly more beneficial ingredients. They incorporate advanced technology and have a greater concentration of essential components. Consequently, this would mean you might need to use a lot more of a supermarket product to obtain similar results. Professional products have more active ingredients & tend to last longer as you don't require as much per application.

Concluding Thoughts and Where to Seek Advice

In summary, the most suitable products for your skin will depend upon its specific needs. Still uncertain? If you are, please contact us with any questions or by booking a free consultation.