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Understanding Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation is the development of darker patches which can present in any area of the skin. They often develop under the eyes or around your upper lip, and they can be both large and smaller patches. These dark spots are not just caused by the sun; they can also stem from activities like squeezing a pimple, using the wrong products, or harsh skin treatments. 

Watch our skin expert's video below to understand more about pigmentation and how to treat it.


How Pigmentation Works: The Role of Melanocyte

Melanocytes are the skin cells responsible for producing melanin (dark skin patches). It is melanin that helps protect the skin when it experiences trauma. This trauma is not just from the sun; it can be from internal effects like hormones or medication (like the contraceptive pill) or external treatments and products. The production of the darker patch (melanin) is your skin's way of protecting or shielding itself. Think of it like as a brown shield that the skin puts up to protect itself from trauma.

Treating Pigmentation: 3 Essential Steps

Firstly, we need to calm the skin by reducing inflammation and redness. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid will flood the skin with a protective jelly substance. It's important that we use a high-percentage hyaluronic acid and one that has different molecular weights so it can access 3 different layers of the skin. A good quality hyaluronic acid serum is always our first step to reducing inflammation as it's this inflammation that "wakes up" the melanin.

Secondly, we need ingredients that turn the existing darker melanin into colourless melanin (so the darker patches then become the same colour as our skin). The best products for this are our Expert Lab Homecare pack as they target pigment using these 3 essential steps and treat all types of pigmentation, including hormonal pigment, trauma-related sunspots, age spots, and melasma.

Lastly, to even out the skin tone, we need to bring these irregular spots to the surface using products with AHAs & BHAs; these ingredients are found in two of our Expert Lab Glycocure products. These will assist your skin with cellular renewal, helping to breakdown darker melanin for a more even and healthier complexion. The weekly use of The Intense Renewal Exfoliating Mask & Hydro - Retexturing Booster Concentrate is recommended to intensify your results. 

Protecting Your Skin: The Importance of Sunscreen

As the sun causes trauma, it's always important to remember to apply sunscreen daily, as it is an essential part of the treatment in managing pigmentation. We recommend a sunscreen that shields your skin from both UVA, UVB, and infrared red and blue light emitted by our phones and other tech devices. One of our most popular is our SPF 50 tinted anti-ageing sunscreen.

Pigmentation is one of the most difficult conditions to treat, as there are many causes. If you have more questions or would like to speak with a skin expert, please reach out to one of our friendly team members or book a skin consultation with our skincare expert. Take care of your skin, and goodbye for now!