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Safe Skin Care During Cancer Treatment

For most people, a cancer diagnosis is devastating. The thought of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and all the negative side effects can be overwhelming. So skin care can seem like one of the least important things to think about in the early stages of treatment. But an appropriate skin care routine can be a vital part of treatment and recovery.

Fortunately, there is a selection of Germaine de Capuccini products which met the strict guidelines for use before, during and after chemotherapy and radiation therapy, to ensure your skin is well protected.

Why proper skin care is important

Using the right products is vital. The same drugs that kill off the cancer cells also affect the growth of your skin cells. Most people know about the hair loss that comes with chemo, but it can also result in dull, greying skin that is dry, sensitive, and irritated. Your doctors will likely ask you to completely review your usual routine. Dry skin isn’t just a cosmetic problem. Skin which is so severely dehydrated as a result of harsh cancer treatments can become inflamed and more susceptible to infections.

When should I start a new routine?

Rather than waiting to deal with symptoms after treatment starts, patients can take steps to minimise skin issues before beginning chemo. That way your new routine can continue once your treatment begins.

With the right information and self care, there’s a lot you can do to keep looking like yourself. That in turn, can help you keep feeling like yourself. Confidence and positive thinking play a significant role in recovery, and getting your life back to normal

Germaine de Capuccini has several products which are gentle, hydrating, and hypoallergenic, and can be used to prepare your skin to better deal with the potential side effects.

Your Super Seven go-to products

These products help prepare and strengthen your skin, and safe to use throughout your treatment. But you should always double check with your doctors.

B- Calm Micellar Water Gel. For face and eyes, it contains prebiotics and probiotics to rebalance the skin’s microbiome. Extremely gentle on the skin, it immediately reduces burning and itching.

B-Calm SOS Intensive Care. This facial balm contains liquorice which is a natural cortisone. Not only does it help build up the skin’s immune system, this is a great product to instantly relieve skin irritations and reactions.

Hydracure Hyaluronic Force Serum This deep hydration serum is essential in increasing and maintaining moisture in all layers of the skin, which can be severely depleted during chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Hydracure Lip Protector SPF 20 Dry, cracked lips can be painful. Build up your lips’ moisture levels prior to undergoing treatment or keep them hydrated (or repair) with this nourishing, long-lasting lip balm.

Options Multi-Regenerating Rose Hip Oil This oil creates a protect barrier across the skin, while helping to stimulate the skin’s renewal process. It also reduces dryness and post-surgical scarring.

Synergyage Intensive Relief Hydrating Dermo-Protective Gel This is an intense hydrating gel that has a balm like texture, it is perfect to soothe and heal uncomfortable, tight or damaged skin.

Hair Shine and Youthfulness Restoring Essence For all hair types. May help prevent hair loss, strengthening the fibre from the inside. The hair feels smooth, repaired and hydrated from the first application.

Germaine de Capuccini has a number of other face and body care products, as well as our entire range of makeup, which are deemed safe to use either before or during oncology treatment.

If you need help determining which products are right for you, book a free, no-obligation online chat with one of our skin therapists who can help you look and feel your best during your treatment.

Or call us on 1300 432 100 – we’re here to help you.