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Why You Should Get a Skin Consultation

Today, we are all on the lookout for the best skincare products that will deliver visible, proven results. We are always searching for the best specific ingredients a product should have, thanks to the influencer culture of front and center marketing for do-it-yourself skincare and honest customer reviews. Nevertheless, not every product is made for a certain skin type, and the same ingredients will deliver quite different results if they are not formulated correctly, which is why you should get yourself a professional skin consultation.


What to Expect in a Skin Consultation

It goes without saying that you’ll receive valuable advice in a skin consultation. But more than that, it’s necessary to speak with an expert if you have skin concerns beyond dryness and the usual. Moreover, a skin consultation can help you review your skincare routine. Here are the things that it usually includes:


A Skin Expert Checks Your Skin for Combination Factors

With years of experience as a skin professional, only someone who know their stuff would be able to analyse your skin for underlying conditions and other factors. This is especially important as you try to commit to a skin care routine that works for you. Aside from that, an expert will be able to check for signs of pigmentation, so you’ll know what ingredients to avoid and what to use.


The Skin Therapist Will Ask Questions to Determine Skin Concerns

A Skin Consultation Should be Helpful and Facts-Based

As any professional would, we at Germaine De Capuccini make sure that you get a proper skin consultation regardless of your preference with our products and services. You are entitled to getting expert advice about your skin and the treatment it deserves. In the same way, you should also be able to ask questions freely and make your concerns known upfront. Only then can you trust that you’re getting something well worth your time.


You Will be Given a Treatment Plan

A skin treatment plan will mean that you will walk away knowing the main factors that affect your skin concerns as well as key ingredients to update your skincare routine. It shouldn’t just be a piece of paper but a good discussion of how you should get started with the addition to your skin routine or a new one altogether, for your specific skin type. The therapist can also give you the reasons as to why the products you currently use doesn’t give you the results you expected.


Professional Skincare, Professional Consultation

When did you notice the changes in your skin? Was it the dryness, fine lines growing more visible by the day, or the tired eyes that did it? Whatever it is, you can never be too sure about your next steps. Your skin is your largest organ and if you haven’t considered getting a professional skin analysis, this is the perfect time. Here’s why:


1. Not all skin can be treated mildly with recommended skin care products

You can do a DIY facial with a 7-step home facial kit that works to regenerate the skin for suppleness, dryness, and extreme hydration. It’s a DIY pack that treats your skin like a pro which you can also use weeks into your post-treatment. However, we do not advise a DIY for skin concerns that needs an expert’s treatment approach.


2. When You Need to Monitor Your Skin After Advanced Treatment

Taking advantage of a skin analysis whether it's complimentary, or an entirely separate service from a brand or clinic will determine the level of expertise that their staff have. It will especially give you a helpful insight when they uncover something that you won't hear from the pharmacy, social media, or just anyone without a background or expertise. After a professional treatment such as skin needling, or a chemical peel, you must monitor your skin's reaction and continue with aftercare. And your aftercare routine will have to come from an expert's advice.


3. It's Time to Review Your Skincare Routine

So, you’ve bought the latest Vitamin C Serum to hit the stands and the cosmetic influencer reviews. But while most skincare products are worth the hype, not all provide results. Your moisturiser may not be working, and your facial cleansers may be doing you more harm than good. For best results after treatment or for continuous treatment, consult a skin therapist because it's better to have a legit facial skin analysis. Even if you were using the right products, your skin needs may have changed over time. Our skin is the best barrier for environmental harms and it's the layer with which our internal organs remain protected. It only goes to show that the attention everybody is giving towards skin products and services, as well as the market growth that goes with it, is well and truly justified. In this sense, it is always a good idea to trust experts with your skin care concerns. Get your professional skin advise from our team of skin experts with years of training and experience. We will guide your skin journey. All you have to do is schedule a chat with us and explore your best skincare options. See you!